Integrative Massage + Bodywork


At Holistic Equilibrium, your sessions are so much more than just your “average massage”. I specialize in goal oriented integrative bodywork performed for pain relief and the enhancement of health. That means reducing stress, correcting muscle dysfunction, releasing tissue tensions, and creating balance by stimulating the body’s innate healing capabilities. 

The work mainly consists of Swedish massage techniques blended with breath work and passive stretches to relax and open the body, deep compression work, myofascial release and trigger point therapy to reset pain patterns.  These sessions have measurably reduced, and in some cases resolved, chronic and acute issues within 1-3 sessions and can be a safe, more economic alternative to more invasive methods. 

My prices are my prices. I don’t accept tips. I also don’t charge extra for specific tools or techniques. Everything’s included: steamed towels, hot stones, essential oils, stretch therapy. Or all of the above.

Benefits include: 

•significantly reduced pain in 1-3 sessions

•relieved tension, soreness, and tightness in the muscles

•increased flexibility, range of motion, and strength

•focused, effective, and personalized bodywork 

•an alternative to surgery 

•money saved from not needing expensive medical solutions




Wellness Sessions can last 30-45 minutes, focused sessions can last from 60 to 75 minutes and full body sessions can run from 90 to 120 minutes. Afterwards we will discuss at-home care strategies and tools to support your continued improvement.

Your session will never, ever be shorted when you arrive on time. In fact, most sessions go well over the minimum time specified and blends the benefits of multiple massage methods to create the most beneficial massage for your needs including:

  • Restorative Swedish
  • Deep Tissue Therapy*
  • Prenatal
  • Trigger Point Therapy*
  • Myofascial Release*
  • Stretch Therapy*
  • Hot Stones*
  • Medi-Cupping*
  • Heated Table & Steamed Towels
  • Pain relieving topicals* and/or Essential oils*
  • Infrared Sauna/Herbal Steam* (Coming Soon)

*Upgrade fees typically charged by other massage therapists.

Select Your Massage Experience.

Wellness Session
(30-45 minutes)
Focused Session
(60-75 Minutes)
Full Body
(90-120 Minutes)
Single Session – $65Single Session – $85Single Session – $145
Package of 4 Sessions – $240Package of 4 Sessions- $320Package of 4 Sessions- $560
Package of 8 Sessions – $440Package of 8 Sessions – $600Package of 8 Sessions – $1080
Package of 12 Sessions – $600Package of 12 Sessions – $840Package of 12 Sessions – $1560


No Tipping Necessary.

When is the last time you tipped your dentist or chiropractor? I believe massage is medicine so I don’t accept tips.  It’s my business to always provide a positive and therapeutic experience for you.