Equilibrium Assessment

An essential part of helping people with complicated pain and mobility issues is fully understanding them. An Equilibrium Assessment is an evaluation tool used to acquire information, save time, establish a baseline for your program.

In addition to health history and lifestyle information, static postural analysis, movement screens, flexibility and muscle length tests will be performed to help me identify how well you move, determine the source of your pain, movement dysfunction and any muscular imbalances that you may have. Once the weaknesses or dysfunctions are identified, you’ll receive a recommendation of specific exercises and stretches to help resolve posture abnormalities, strengthen weak muscle groups or movement patterns, improve mobility, balance and prevent injuries. 

The two-part therapeutic experience is not just about me assessing you, but you assessing and understanding your own body on a deeper level. Whether you want to step up your exercise routine or massage treatment, scheduling an Healthy Conversation is the first step in finding out if an Equilibrium Assessment is right for you.

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