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The moment you step into the door of our boutique self-care studio, you’ll inhale the intoxicating aroma of essential oils, begin to unwind and feel your stresses begin to melt away….

The positivity speaks to the rhythm of your soul, the studio gently lit, easy on the eyes and soothing to the spirit. A sense of calm fills your body as you put your cares on hold and relax and help yourself to a cup of herbal tea or infused spa water and refreshments.

At Holistic Equilibrium, I am 100% committed to your wellness. This is YOUR time. You are encouraged to turn off your cell phone, disconnect and shift your focus to your body and mind. I take my time getting to know your unique body and health with a detailed intake form and personalized consultation. Using this information, I’ll focus on crafting a customized massage experience for you using the right amount of pressure, and the right combination of techniques. Together we’ll design how your massage is going to be from start to finish – EVERYTHING from aromatherapy, music, lighting, temperature and even the conversation or not.

For optimal relaxation & enjoyment, all sessions include enhancements such as diffused aromatherapy, steamed towels, muscle melting hot stones and stretch therapy as needed.

Remember the last time you felt crazy, stupid good? Experience the results you expect, and the attention you desire. Your path to balanced living starts here all you have to do is take the first step.