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Types of Massage

Decide what type of of massage is right for you

Swedish Massage

Available in 60, 90 and 120 Minute Sessions

Classic stress-relieving, light to medium pressure technique, using varied strokes of gliding and gentle kneading, rolling, tapotment and passive stretching that promotes circulation, induces a state of relaxation, and an overall sense of well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage

Available in 60, 90 and 120 Minute Sessions

Deep Tissue is the most popular service at Holistic Equilibrium. The main benefit of this service is to alleviate pain in your body, usually the neck, upper back and shoulders, or the low back. Deep Tissue massage uses some of the same massage strokes that you would experience in a relaxing Swedish massage, however, the pressure is generally firmer. It also involves focusing prolonged pressure on the inner layers of the muscle fibers and connective tissue, or fascia, and going against the grain of the muscle tissue to break up adhesions or “knots” that are causing your discomfort.

Prenatal Massage

Available in 60 and 90 Minute Sessions 

Prenatal massage is a Swedish relaxation massage designed to help lower stress, improve quality of sleep, and decrease anxiety for expecting mothers. Massage will be performed side-lying using a variety of pillows for extra support to the mother’s head, abdomen, legs, and shoulders. Pressure is adjusted accordingly to ensure that mother and baby are safe, comfortable, and relaxed during the entire experience

Hot Stone Massage

Available in 90 and 120 Minute Sessions

A deeply relaxing massage that follows the same principles of Swedish Massage with the addition of heated stones, which enhances the feeling of deep relaxation. The penetrating effects of the heated stones relieves sore stiff muscles and releases any tension from the body allowing the massage to be delivered without excessive pressure leaving the mind at peace.  

Service Areas

We currently provide in-home massage in Dothan and the surrounding areas. You may also be interested in receiving massage at our studio location, in a corporate setting or special event.

You get to decide on EVERYTHING from the level of pressure, music and even the conversation (or not) and the following are included with every massage for your comfort and enjoyment (you can opt out of any if you prefer):


  • Diffused Aromatherapy
  • Your own style of music for ideal relaxation
  • Heated Table
  • Herbal Eye Pillow


  • Diffused Aromatherapy
  • Your own style of music for ideal relaxation
  • Heated Table
  • Herbal Eye Pillow


  • Diffused Aromatherapy
  • Your own style of music for ideal relaxation
  • Heated Table
  • Herbal Eye Pillow

Simple Pricing.

We charge for our time and services. The price of the massage is the same regardless of the location.

Secure Payments.

All appointments are reserved with a credit card however you will not be charged until after you receive your service.

No Tipping Necessary.

When is the last time you tipped your dentist or chiropractor? We believe massage is medicine so we don’t accept tips. It’s our business to always provide a positive and therapeutic experience for you.

Not sure what treatment is right for you? Not a problem!

Let’s have a healthy conversation! Tell me where your pain is, how it feels, and what your goal is and I will help you find the right treatment. At Holistic Equilibrium, every massage its tailored to your specific needs.